Thursday, August 12
Created by: Mary Rizzolo

Quote for the day:
I dwell in possibility
(Marcy Berlin)

After a fun and food filled last night it was difficult to get out of bed this morning. Fortunately there were many incentives – great food, great company and great expectations.

Lindsay and Christen had a fun and busy day. There was dress rehearsal and lots of dancing. The children in their class are not only great artists but awesome dancers. Christen has it all on film. She would be wise to get their autographs now before they become rich and famous.

Day 4 of captivity:
The older children in Kathi, Mary and my class continue to be bribable with tickers. Is that an actual word? Oh well, it’s all Greek to me. All kidding aside, they are very energetic and bright individuals. The more we can incorporate our lessons into activities the better they seem to do.

Marcy has been keeping them enthralled with her wonderful story telling. She read part 2 of her story today. Will there be a sequel? You will have to stick around to find out.

Kathi has been working on short and long vowels and silent letters. She has taught the children a game called “Very Silly Sentences.” It’s a big hit! They may not understand what the scared squirrel climbs a sandwich or what the purple elephant hops the crocodile means, but neither do we. Do we? All that matters is that they are laughing and learning.

I have been working with Sofia, Nick and Drakos on basic letters and words. I am very happy with their progress. Sofia is picking up things very fast and was even helping Nick while I worked with Drakos today. Nick loves to play basketball and always asks be to play at every recess. I don’t like basketball but I like seeing the smile on his face when I say yes.

After class we ate lunch and then we did our own things. Lindsey, Christen and Alice (Sam’s youngest daughter) drew and painted by the pool. Marcy napped while Kathi and I splashed around in the pool.

Later in the day Sam, Lindsey, Kathi and I went to a Greek Target to see if we could find water color paints, and stickers for our classes.

Dinner was delicious as usual. After dinner Lindsey went to bed and the rest of us had Greek dance lessons. We had a great instructor and had lots of fun. And here I though the children were the only ones who don’t know their right from their left. Well, off to bed to recharge. Morning comes way too soon.

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