helping kids in St. Lucia

Teach Children with Global Volunteers in St. LuciaOverall, it was a really good day helping kids with so much potential in St. Lucia.  I’ve been working at Kids Step Early Learning Center, where this morning, we had our daily assembly of singing songs and announcing news. When we switched off into our separate teaching groups, I read a book to the tiny tots, and then we played with a pegboard set. I noticed that the students were very into it. It had never been so quiet up until today, and I was pleased that they accomplished putting the pegs into the board. Then we watched the same video that teaches the alphabet sounds. The students knew the song that was in the video so they sang along, and they were able to pronounce the alphabet and say some words.  Once we finished, we played with the ball in a big circle. This was very hectic. I directed them to stand in a line and pay attention because the teacher was busy.  At nap time, I ate my lunch.

In the afternoon, I was able to trace apples on a paper so the kids can color. Finally we played with a puzzle. We had to put the blocks in the right stack according to color and each stack was a certain amount of blocks. We did one at a time to give the student the attention that they needed. I found out that the kids can really analyze what was happening. They can notice when there was a mistake in the puzzle and we gave them time to fix it, and they were able to do that on their own. I was really amazed that they could do that and it just showed that the kids have so much potential. It’s sad that I will not be able to work with them for another week.

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