Volunteering in Cuba: You Will Not Regret It!

volunteering in Cuba is something you will not regret

This is the story of Steve, a first-time volunteer in Cuba. His experience shows that volunteering in Cuba is something you will not regret. 

Steve was just walking through life minding his business. One day, he saw on a friend’s computer a beautiful background photo that captured his attention. He asked about it. It wasn’t a download photo from the internet. It was a real picture. His friend had actually been there and taken the picture herself. It was a picture taken in Cuba.

So Steve started hearing all about this trip. Turns out it wasn’t a regular trip. It was a volunteer trip. This friend had gone there to serve the Cuban people as well as learn from them. She had formed great relations there and made many new friends. So much so that she had had to go back over and over again. In fact, Steve had to go too. Steve was hooked with the enthusiasm of his friend, so he agreed.

Another meeting was necessary. This time the conversation about Cuba was at Steve’s friend’s house, where she could more properly show Steve the pictures and souvenirs that now adorned her house. This conversation also included preparations and tips for the trip. Steve had to be ready for everything as a good former boy-scout.

volunteering in Cuba is something you will not regret

Steve, Daniel, Gail, and Margaret riding a 1955 Pontiac convertible in Havana.

Steve had done some volunteer work in the past in the U.S., but he had never done anything international. He heard about it and went for it. He did not regret it. He loved every experience, every person he got to know, and the chance to serve and make friends in Cuba.

This is only one of  thousands of wonderful testimonies we have from volunteers. But this one is on video:


What are you waiting for. Join a service program in Cuba now!

volunteering in Cuba is something you will not regret

Steve teaching conversational English to a young crowd in the community center in Ciego de Avila.

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