Volunteering in Poland

This list will open your eyes to a dream volunteer abroad opportunity. Poland’s extraordinary beauty, hospitality, history and meaningful service awaits! Add volunteering in Poland to your bucket list! Here’s why…

1. Eager, engaged students

Volunteering in Poland with children

Polish students understand the importance of English to their career development.  They look forward to and greatly appreciate your help.

2. Supportive long-term partners

Our 26-year partnership with state and community leaders ensures you and your teammates fully contribute to formative English classes. Chat online with one of our Volunteers Coordinators about the history of our Poland program.

volunteering in Poland

3. Extraordinary rural scenery

Beautiful view while volunteering in Poland

Get ready for breathtaking landscapes – the Tatra mountains of Zakopane, and the verdant forested plains of Reymontowka – casting their spell on all.

4. Summer language camps

Volunteering in Poland at summer camps

An annual favorite, English language summer camps for grade school students in July and August are energetic and fun-filled work projects.

5. Family friendly projects

Volunteering in Poland as a family

Games, music and sports are great topics for volunteers ages 8-18 to employ in English pronunciation and spelling. Read more here.

6. Captivating culture and history

Learn about the culture while volunteering in Poland

The Polish people proudly celebrate many of their historical customs, crafts, festivals, art and musical traditions which charm and engage all ages.

7. Exceptional program management

Your team leader while volunteering in Poland

Team Leader Dorota Wierzbicka (pictured above), our International Operations Director, and Marek Blaszczyk, our program host, leave no detail to chance – ensuring consistent 5-star program ratings.

8. Outstanding cuisine

Authentic food while volunteering in Poland

Polish meals are legendarily hearty, flavorful – and abundant.  Fresh and authentic Polish recipes are prepared daily and are team favorites.

9. Celebrated accommodations

Beautiful lodging while volunteering in Poland

Reymontowka Manor House is a gem of a rural historical landmark providing comfort, warmth, relaxation and showcasing art and music.

10. Free time options

Free time activities while volunteering in Poland

As a Global Volunteer in Poland, you have many cultural, historical and natural diversions such as hiking, sports, tennis, music, theater, museums, and weekend Warsaw tours for your free time options.

Ready to start your adventure volunteering in Poland?

Volunteers of all ages are valuable teachers of English – no previous experience necessary! We’re ready to assist you with project descriptions, travel questions and registration guidance to volunteer in Poland. Chat online with us!

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