After beginning the day with our morning breakfast of cappuccinos, cafe lattes, fresh fruit, and an  assortment of pastries, we took the bus to Gallileo Gallilei for class. My first class went smoothly, working with my mom, Joanna, and Peter with a group of shy second year students. For my second hour, I was taken to a first year class with a teacher who spoke little English. The eager students asked me many questions about my family, job, and life in San Francisco.
Cathy Shockley4 with studentsIMG_2521
When school was finished for the day, we walked to Sabatelli Pasticceria for an array of small bites and salads for lunch. After an afternoon siesta to escape the heat, my mom and I walked downtown to soak up some culture.
In the evening, my mom and I were invited by one of the students to attend a concert at the conservatory, put on by the Maestro, five students, and a well-known flutist, Sir Carlo, from Rome. The student gave us a tour of the historic 200 year-old building before the beautiful concert began.IMG_1595
My mom and I then meandered down the lively alleys of old town Monopoli, window shopping and speaking with locals. We met a woman who gave us a recommendation for a family-owned restaurant, where we enjoyed a lovely dinner of bruschetta, fresh pasta, and giant salads. IMG_2406As I continue my time in Monopoli, I hope to continue sharing these special  moments with students and locals, as tonight was truly an unforgettable experience.
 Penned by Elizabeth
Thought for the day…..
“Give the people what they want, but keep them coming back wanting more.”  Mark Twain
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