Late start today    IMG_2322 party pastries sm
Tamales slinging.
By 10:20
Bus is bringing.
Student groups
Are pretty swinging.
To be fair
My lemons winging.
With some work
The words are stringing.
Bus ride home
Ideas are springing.
Then shopping trip
With jewelry blinging.
It’s not real ‘cuz
I’m sure stringing.
Prices good and
Cash is king-ing.
Time to meet andArturo Steeley
Praise is flinging.
¡Dios Mío!     
The team is singing?
Think I saw a
Few hands wringing.
Dinner time and
Taste buds zinging.
This condiment tastes
Like bee stinging.
Why are those bells
Always ringing?
Back at home
The snow’s the thing-ing.
Glad that we’re
Queretar –ing-ing.
Good night now
I need sox springing.
Tomorrow’s plan?
You’ll need one chang-ing.
5 AM
My alarm’s ding-dingaling.

Message of the Day: “It’s a very ancient saying but a true and honest thought That if you become a teacher By your pupils you’ll be taught.” – Rodgers & Hammerstein “Getting to Know You” from “The King & I”

Entry submitted by: Sharon

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