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Thank you for loving me!

Thank you for loving me!

It’s hard to believe that we are almost done with our first week here and it has been amazing thus far.  These kids are well the only word to truly describe them is awesome! I mean it they are amazing and bring everyone they meet so much joy. I love it when they laugh at simple things to us acting like crazy people (which in truth for me does not take that much). One of the boys is walking now and he is so precious to watch him go and he is all smiles.  These past few days I personally have learned how much care goes into taking care of these precious gifts that we have been given here on earth. I am so grateful for the nurses and care givers of these kids and not only for their patience with the kids but me. If I would get confused they are so wonderful about jumping in and showing me what to do. I feel that the English language does not have the right words to describe how amazing this adventure truly is, so to sum it up in some words this place and its people have captured me heart and it has not even been a week.



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