Good morning Saint Lucia. Our third day on the island and Saint Lucia’s beauty is only surpassed by the beauty and resilience of her people. Today we did assessments on 3, 4 , 5 and 6th graders. The children all loved mathematics and were well mannered and neatly dressed with smiles like the sun. I was moved by emotion and sentiment when I saw the basic material need of the children. I was reminded of how wasteful we are or can be. I was reminded of the wealth of spirit which is intangible because it resides in the soul. Seeing the children makes me truly sKahijah Muhammad tutors a student in Mathseek to be content and grateful because the line behind us is always longer than the line in front of us. We are all eager to start playing our part in the bigger picture the reason why we’re here to give of ourselves and leave our fingerprint no matter how big our small and make a change because yes we are our brothers’ keeper.


by Kadhijah Muhammad

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