Advice from Lesley, a Greece Global Volunteer

Encore Global Volunteer, Lesley Rainey, shared her heart on her first Greece Service Program just two years ago. Since then, she has loyally supported our host partners and local staff in Greece through not only her returning service, but also through spreading the word on social media and raising awareness in the UK. Her optimistic and caring outlook on life shines through brightly in her testimonial about the Global Volunteers Greece Service Program and advice to others contemplating whether or not to sign up:

Greece is suffering rather badly at the moment, but I would just like to say how amazingly friendly and welcoming the Greek people are. The Global Volunteers programme in Crete is so rewarding. Students in Greece cannot enter college unless they have a qualification in English, regardless of what they plan to study. The programme that Samantha Pinakoulaki (Greece Country Manager) oversees in Crete helps younger children expand their English language skills. The kids are so much fun, and plus you don’t need to be a teacher to participate in this programme. I’m not, yet I learned so much from the experience.

So, I would like to say to anyone contemplating a Global Volunteer programme: go to Crete, help the kids that will be the future of Greece, enjoy the wonderful hospitality of the people of Greece, and have the most rewarding, fun-filled experience that you won’t forget.

You will be back! I was. 🙂

To Lesley: Thank you so very much for your service worldwide (Lesley served in the Cook Islands as well). We appreciate your constant support!

Here are some photos of Lesley and her time on the Greece Service Program:

To learn how you can become a Global Volunteer in Greece, visit our website. We look forward to seeing YOU on an upcoming team!

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