Farewell Global Volunteers!

This is mainly just a thank you speech from us, teachers to you Global volunteers.

We always appreciate what you do for our students, and believe me… they might not say it but they appreciate it too.

I specially would like to mention a couple of things that make me feel personally very happy and satisfied about your visit.

One of them is that our students, once they have had the opportunity to meet you and talk to you, have a feeling that what they have been learning through all these months or years is blooming and have the feeling of fulfillment now that they have seen communication for them is possible with an English speaking native.

Another is the great experience that you have shared with all of us teachers, which leaves a deep mark in our hearts because we learn a lot from you, and I hope I don’t just speak for myself; because you are teachers of life, because you have traveled all over and that sharing with everyone changes minds, perceptions, and attitudes on people towards our fellows.

I had the chance to have some of you working with my students and you are really amazing people. I specially want to thank your availability to spend time with the students even when you were having lunch, and I know some of you even brought your own snack so you could spend more time with them.

When you guys are in our facilities, the environment is different; people in some ways are better, more open, more accessible… I think there’s no science that can explain that. I call it love, love to what you do and to life itself. I think is will, will to be, will to live, will to be better and greater. I personally think that makes a great difference in the world.

These are supreme feelings and from the deep of my heart I thank you all for letting me be part of it and I hope, one day I will be able to do something like what you do, Then, the world would be better if we all could change that bit.

Juan Luis

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