1. Plazas….large, small, pockets… families, dancing, fountains, music, balloons, and people watching

2 Shopping…treasures found behind doors in beautiful courtyards, kiosks on Liberdad, shops on Cinco de Mayo – and don’t forget the opals

3. Restaurants…cafes…bakeries – Mexican, Italian, Continental – all individual and unique with terrific food

4. Weather – it’s March….warm sunny days and very cool nights – great for sleeping after busy days

5. Ice cream!!!! in every flavor and on every block – mango moon, penon, tequilla chile. Tepoznieues – the best – recommended by the students.

6. and or Magnum lovers – “ice cream bars on steroids” are found everywhere!!!!

7. Driving ….and pedestrians, one way streets, a few lights and THE most courteous drivers I’ve ever seen….someone is sure to stop-no matter where you cross the street!

By Pat

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