Open Market in Iringa.

Open Market in Iringa.

I think people should travel to places which are not famous, or places which are hard to reach, like Pomerni and Iringa, because in this way they will have experiences that they’ve never had, see things that they’ve never seen, not like going to London to check out the Big Ben, which most likely you’ve seen thousands times before you actually go there.

Before the lunch we were just relaxing in the town. It was a public holiday so we did not go to the Diocese Head Office to meet the General  Secretary like we had planned. So we walked around town. I was so surprised that Tanzania also has internet cafés. I thought my home in China is the only country that has that. I finally got to chat with my mom online. She was so worried about me before that.

After lunch, we went to the local market in Iringa. It’s a busy and crowded place. Surprisingly, the have a lot of imported food there, even soy sauce with Chinese characters on it could be found. I also found another kind of sauce produced by a British restaurant which I‘ve been there a week ago. There’s also a Hindu temple nearby.

After we were done with that, we got on the way to Pomerni. The road was so different from the road we had yesterday. Honestly, much worse than that. I feel so lucky because I don’t get car sick easily, otherwise I’ll throw up for sure. The weather is getting cooler.  It had been raining for a while by the time we arrived the mission house. I have to say I like this house very much, even though not all rooms have lights and no hot water if it’s not sunny. All the rooms are so big. There are not many decorations in the house, but it’s simple and neat. I love the big tree in the front yard. It reminded me of my grandfather’s place. At around 7:00, I went out and saw the wonderful sunset. It looked like the clouds were burning in the sky.

Anyway, refreshing air, beautiful sunset and a good place to live, I’m glad.

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