Today we all met for breakfast at Ben’s Hideaway, and gathered some more resources from the resource room before we were on our way.


Margaret and Dawn went back to the health clinic to look over birth records and were pleased to find they went all the way back to 1979!  They then made their way over to Kid Step and went over hand washing and helped make a special lunch using spinach grown from the Earth Boxes!


Carita was back at Kid Step for another busy day.  She continued teaching the children their numbers, colours and shapes!


Katie and Tracy had a better day with the rovers.  Some of the concerns they had the previous days, they received good feedback and are feeling a lot better!  They got to play with the children and taught them all about the stethoscope.  They walked over to the primary school and joined Emily and Flo for lunch.


Emily and Flo continued working on literacy skills.  They are seeing some progress, and are figuring out how to best keep the kids engaged!  There is still a lot to be done at the school and they are looking forward to the next few days!


We finished off the day at JD’s for a lovely dinner.  We were joined by Gabby, the Peace Core representative in Anse La Raye.  We were just in time to watch the sunset!
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