Dawn guides cameraman Dave as Francois Henry selects seedlings at the nursery.

It’s been very interesting watching reporter Jason Davis and photographer Dave Peterson work – interviewing volunteers and capturing the various aspects of each work project. They started out on Monday at Kids’ Step interviewing Carita and recording the students tending the Earth Boxes.  Then, they went with Dawn to pick up seedlings from Francois Henry for replanting four RCP gardens.

Dawn is an excellent Earth Box instructor/spokesperson – even though this is only her second service program in St. Lucia!  She demonstrated for Jason and Dave how the gardens are maintained, and enabled the students to water them for the camera.

They learned about early childhood education from Kids’ Step director Wilcina Gabriel and filmed interaction between the four classes of preschoolers, the teachers and Carita.  It was a learning experience for all involved!

Today, Michele drove Jason and Dave to Gros Islet to meet and interview Fr. Athanse, the “Father of the St. Lucia Project.”  He was responsible for the Global Volunteers’ official invitation to work in Anse la Raye.  In the afternoon, they accompanied Michele to a meeting with Education Minister Robert Lewis in Castries.  They reported that both interviews went very well, and have provided significant background for their story.

Jason and Dave have been joining us for meals – becoming regular members of “the team.”  It’s been a joy to get to know them and hearing about their work together around the world for three decades.  We’re fortunate they’re pursuing this very important program here in St. Lucia!

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