Journal Entry for July 15, 2014 –

Author: Glenda


 And then there were 6…The six of us gathered for our morning  briefing over breakfast.  This was a typical Monday morning was  clothes day as a few of us gathered laundry to be taken to the  cleaners which James kindly offered to drop off for us.

We have settled into a routine of catching the local bus, assisting  students at school or health centre r recording patient data  records.  The kids are becoming familiar with our arrival.  Chloe,  Mikey and Glenda assisted students in reading and math skills.  Plus,  practice for an upcoming netball tournament on Wednesday.

Noa continued with her math classes focusing on Stats and  Quadratic.  She noted that more students are asking for help.

Sarah helped English classes.  Edward was sick so helped with project.  Cecile said, “2 or 3 scheduled events were cancelled today.  She entered patient data and restacked condom dispensers.

After school, Sarah, Mikey, Chloe and Glenda found themselves downtown going to the bank, having coffee, and going to Island Crafts to find a jewellery setting for the black pearls some of us purchased over the weekend.

We enjoyed dinner as a group at the KiiKii and retired for the evening.

As I sit on my deck outside my room at the KiiKii listening to the sound of the surf, I need to pinch myself that I am in the Cook Islands.  Yes, volunteering in paradise!  So lucky!


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