Tan 1407A1 Angela,  Mimi and angela from Sunday service.We woke up to a lovely breakfast among all my new friends. We met early with the General Secretary, who was very enthusiastic to explain how we will be helping in Pommern. We introduced each other to him and asked questions. We had a brief introduction on Global Volunteers’ mission. He spoke with us about health, education, and economic development. We learned that Iringa was developed by the Germans/Europeans. We also learned about education and how it is changing. We then shopped for supplies and snacks to take to Pommern village with us. We met many people and respected their customs and asked many questions. We had many conversations with the people in Iringa, and also booked our safari while we were there. We learned about how to use Tanzanian shillings a lot better today! I noticed we are all picking up on Kiswahili a little better each day. I recognized that the local people appreciate when you try to speak their native language, by the smiles on their face. We all took many pictures. After a wonderful lunch, we drove to Pommern village. We had a bumpy ride, but finally arrived safely to many happy, playing children. The last volunteer group was here in January, so they were eagerly awaiting new visitors. Everyone’s smiling faces made me feel very welcomed and excited to be here. After everyone was settled and unpacked, we fell fast asleep excited about our first day in Pommern. I was in disbelief we had finally arrived. I took a last look at the beautiful star-lit sky and thanked God we had arrived here safely after a long journey… one that has only yet to begin.

Entry submitted by: Angie 

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