Another great weather day in Beja – clear skies and perhaps 72 degrees. Joe and I had a few hours of free time in the morning.  We visited the Municipal Museum which had an excellent interpretive handout in English.  Well worth the one eruo (retired person entrance fee) which also includes entrance to the Roman ruins museum just around the corner. Joe tutored Barbara’s granddaughter and her friend for an hour before joining me at the library.  My first assignment was with a college student of molecular biology who was working on a presentation on medical ethics.  Carlos introduced me to this student.  He seems to know just about everyone in town.  Secondly, Joe joined me to “tutor” our new friend, Luis.  He is an economics professor at D. Manual I High School.  His English is outstanding, but he loves to converse in English on any topic.  He was the generous man who drove us to the festival of the river fish on Sunday.
Reba had three long hours – one hour each with middle school age students.  She used a National Geographic magazine with one student to work on vocabulary and pronunciation.  With another student who was her most difficult challenge of the afternoon, she tried flashcards.  Family pictures worked well with her third student.The Polytechnico trio reported a smaller group in their morning session as the professors in their class have meetings on Tuesday.  The smaller group allowed more in depth discussion on current events.  In the afternoon they worked on vocabulary building with an exercise in which the students would view pictures and name items that begin with a “K, F and P” with emphasis on a silent first letter, such as “knee”.
We ended the day at the chicken and fish place accompanied by the ever present futbol game on TV.
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