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Legal Travel to Cuba Held His Imagination. Then the Cuban People Captured His Heart

Alumni volunteer Peter Dykstra stood on the southernmost point of Key West, Florida and imagined he could reach out over 90 miles of water and touch the Cuban coastline. But the country remained a mystery to him while it was “off limits” to Americans. Now, through Global Volunteers, Cuba travel is fully legal and was […]

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Teaching In Retirement And Volunteering Abroad Go Hand-In-Hand!

Septuagenarian Maggie Caison is a retired middle school teacher who, since retiring, finds herself busier than ever. Apart from volunteering internationally with Global Volunteers, she also volunteers with several organizations in her home town of Lenexa, Kansas. “I feel it’s an honor to give a little of what I can. I love teaching and volunteering […]


College Student Responds to a True Call to Service in Greece

Cassidy Matz, an early childhood education student, learned that expanding her comfort zone on a service program in Greece was the impetus she needed for a new lifeview on genuine service. This reflection is excerpted from her team journal. By Cassidy Matz, 2019 Greece volunteerBefore embarking on my service experience with Global Volunteers, volunteering to […]


“Service is in my Blood” – A First-Time Volunteer In St. Lucia.

First-time volunteer Kathy Lafond was motivated to expand her volunteering options once she retired. “It’is time for me to give back to those less fortunate,” said the former IT project manager from VA. She chose St. Lucia for the opportunity to tutor 6- year-olds for two weeks. There, she said she learned more than she […]

May 1st – May Day – International Workers Day

May 1st is celebrated in many countries worldwide, with two seemingly contradictory intentions. One dates back to ancient times – officially welcoming spring with flowers, festivities, and Maypoles. The other dates to the 19th century, when May 1st was chosen as the date to celebrate International Workers’ Day – a celebration of worker solidarity and […]


“I Love to Serve!” A Global Volunteer’s Full-Hearted Adventure in Service in Peru

A dedicated Global Volunteer, Thomasina Tafur is once again getting ready to pack her bags. But, before she did, she shared her story about working at Sagrada Familia outside Lima. It’s here, she said, where she found a clear commonality with the children she worked with – especially “helping young people maneuver through their life’s […]


Acts of Kindness in Beja, Portugal – Reflections of a First-Time Volunteer

By Maho Jordan This was my first experience with Global Volunteers. Being of service as part of a team taught me the importance of connecting with other cultures through education, service and friendships, and small acts of kindness. It just differs so much from being the “regular tourist.” I was able to learn about the […]