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Global Volunteers Nepal Inaugural Team Reports on Teaching in Kathmandu

Global Volunteers’ Team One finished their first week of work on our inaugural Nepal service program in Kathmandu! They share their reflections so far in their team journal:  Saturday – Nepal Arrival Throughout the day, the team assembled, some coming from a trek out of Pokhara, some after long flights from the USA, and others […]

The Wonderful Women of FUNDAC – 30 Years of Care for Children

It’s been 30 years since a group of dedicated and dynamic women in Calderón in Quito, Ecuador joined together to form the non-profit organization Fundación de Damas Calderonenses (FUNDAC is its acronym in Spanish) or Foundation of Ladies of Calderón. Their mission? To improve the lives of children from impoverished working families in the community […]


The Impact Of Service Renews Student Volunteer’s Career Direction

 Allyson Olson said her service program in Romania made such an impact on her that she inevitably decided to complete her Master’s Degree in Child Development/Child life. It was the opportunity to truly make a difference, she said, that clarified her career choices. “It was time for me to stop being a bystander in my […]


Let Us Tell You About Five-Star Cretan Hospitality on our Volunteer Vacation

In Part Two of their blog post about their service program in Crete, Greece Volunteers Tom and Rondi Olson talk about Cretan history, hospitality, cuisine and free-time activities available to volunteers serving in Greece!   Read Part One. Part Two: A brief history of Crete During our Free-Time Adventures We came to Crete without a mental […]

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Led by Curiosity and Compassion, a Couple Writes About Teaching English in Greece

Having served on Global Volunteers programs in Peru and Cuba – each a unique cultural experience – Tom and Rondi Olson were eager for their next service program in Crete, Greece. In a two-part blog post, Rondi and Tom share their insights and  expectations about the people of Crete – the host, the students and […]

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Introducing Dental Hygiene in a Tanzanian Village!

“Seeing the children’s faces light up as they held on tightly to their new dental tools was so heartwarming. At that moment I was so proud of our fundraising efforts and the people who helped my dream become a reality!” This was the first testimonial from “Marvelous Maddy,” a student volunteer who raised over $6,000 […]


A Milestone Birthday of Service in the Cook Islands!

When Annie saw the description of Global Volunteers’ Cook Islands program, she suspected it might be precisely the type of “once-in-a-lifetime” destination for her wife, Toby’s, 70th birthday. Together, they decided that celebrating Toby’s milestone birthday in service to others would be unforgettable and rewarding. Read Toby’s story here! By Toby S., First-time Cook Islands […]

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Volunteer Says Teaching English To Chinese Students Affords ‘Superb’ Understanding

Before Bob departed for a three-week service program teaching English to Chinese students in Xi’an, he did a self-check. He wasn’t a teacher, didn’t speak Chinese, but he had coached individuals and small groups on using English as a second language. Global Volunteers staff assured him he was positioned to make a difference. With only […]

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Toothbrushes and Dental Care on the Way to Tanzania

A mention of  Global Volunteers on our partner’s website moved an aspiring dental student and her dentist father to help meet the needs of families and children in the Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) Demonstration Project in Ipalamwa, Tanzania. What followed her first call to our office was an impassioned appeal to her family, friends and […]

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Volunteer Expresses her Gratitude for Life Through Service to Others

Gila Cohen-Shaw marked her mid-century birthday with a “Gift of Service” to herself through Global Volunteers in St. Lucia (pictured above receiving a hug from a teammate). She followed it up with two service programs in  Tanzania shortly afterward. A speech pathologist and therapist by profession, she’s found great reward in the work of our Reaching […]