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Preparing Food at the Largest Children’s Home in Peru

Volunteers prepare food for children in Peru: A journal entry by a volunteer serving at PPA, the largest children’s home in Peru. Today at the PPA (Puericultorio Perez Aranibar children’s home), we are going to help prepare food for children in Peru, and there is much to do.  The staff will be fixing food not only for […]

Christmas Traditions In Greece!

Christmas or (Xristouyenna- Christouyenna) meaning “the birth of Christ” is one of the most important celebrations within the Greek Orthodox church.  Traditions vary depending on  which region or Island one is from. Here are a few of the popular traditions celebrated for Christmas in Greece as reported by Greece Country Manager Sam Pinakoulaki: Kalikantzari During the […]

1st Team to Sancti Spiritus!

Message of the Day—“Instructions for living life.  Pay attention, be astonished, tell about it”  Mary Oliver. The Pottery Factory; The Pottery Factory supports the local Mission and is absolutely a feast for the eyes…well used cans holding a variety of glazes, the walk-in kilns, and floors filled with every size, color, and shape of pottery.  […]

My Goals Accomplished!

Today I was delighted to spend a third session with one of the High School Students.  After the usual greeting, we opened the workbook to practice English, role playing, and pronunciation, which is the usual class work.  After reading and working with the formal work plan for a few minutes, I realized she completely understood […]

The Greek Struggle!

As I sat out in the playground for recess watching the children laughing and playing, tears filled my eyes…70 innocent souls that spend 4 hours a day with our Volunteers learning English in the hope of a better future! I mean really what does the future hold for these kids? They are certainly NOT to […]