Blackfeet Reservation July Volunteers

Journal by Irene, Montana Blackfeet Reservation Volunteer.

Today on the Blackfeet Reservation some volunteers started the morning with exercise, while others stayed back to shower and make lunches.  Shortly thereafter, we headed out to the elementary school for the Carol White summer recreation program.  Most of our volunteer team stayed there for the day, and a few others left for the volleyball program at the middle school.  At the elementary school,  we assisted in cutting paper for the next day’s paper mâché project.  Those at the middle school assembled a net and prepared for drills.  Later, we all came together at the elementary school,  where we danced along with the kids to music videos.

The Blackfeet kids at participating in the Carol White program seem to become more comfortable with us at this point and really started to interact.  Some played with our hair, enjoyed piggyback rides and held hands dancing.  Or in some cases, just enjoyed our conversations.  There was an exciting scavenger hunt, while others played 4 square and hopscotch at the playground.  We all took part in some good exercise.

Shopping as at the Trading Post, Pawn Shop and Grocery.  Following, we had free time back at the ranch.  The younger volunteers played with our little medicine man “Nakoa”, the grandson of Pastor Hill.

Tonight at dinner Bob Tailfeathers proudly displayed the pieces of his Native American costume along with the story of their origin.  He’s a talented artist and jewelry maker who sold us some treasures.  We took pictures with him after.  We headed back to the ranch for some tea and after dinner snacks.  We chatted into the night.  In the end, it was a day of new experiences, new friends and good times had by all.

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