Mary and Dave continued their testing of grade 8 students’ reading. Generally, students were able to correctly read the words but often struggled with their meaning. The highlight of their day was a teacher popping in to ask about her students’ progress and wanted to know which students most needed her attention. Three students in particular were identified. 

Rodney has successfully recued a few desks by repairing them for use in the classroom. He has also, hopefully, solved the water supply issue at the school by repairing the pump so that it cycles less frequently. This should decrease the electrical bill which has been very high due to its malfunctioning.  

Suzanne helped ten 5th grade students with their reading, all needed a great deal of assistance. She also assisted at the Catholic After School Program by helping students with their reading and mathematics.  

Suzanne Cochran teaching reading to a Takitumu Student

Peggy assisted 5th grade students with their mathematic assessments. Again, she found that some of the students really struggled with basic math problems (e.g., additions & subtractions).

Laurel & Dorothy continued reorganizing the school library in the morning. In the afternoon they observed a sailing class offered at the Sailing Club to the Physical Education class. This included instruction on knots, manoeuvering the sails, and actually sailing a small dinghy. The students seemed to enjoy being at the beach on a sunny, hot afternoon and actually experiencing sailing the dinghy.

Laurel also assisted three students with reading  mathematics at the After Day program

After school, Peggy, Mary, Dave and Dorothy enjoyed a swim and snorkeling at Fruits of Rarotonga. The fish were spectacular. Early to bed tonight!


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