Diana Reyna Omana UTEQ teacher

Diana Reyna, UTEQ teacher

Traveling has the advantage over video and books because one can use all five senses. I chose three examples of each, one that I will not duplicate when returning home.

I see:

  1. The bright eyes of UTEQ students fixed on words from an octogenarian lady.
  2. Finely trimmed trees in cleanly swept parks.
  3. Tiled sidewalks with lights along one-way streets.

I hear:

  1. Church bells.
  2. Serenade music during breakfast.
  3. Spanish as the dominant language.

I taste:

  1. Tortillas at every meal.
  2. Mole on chicken.
  3. Warm orange juice.

I smell:

  1. Good food coming from kitchens all along the sidewalks.
  2. Shoe polish.
  3. Flowers in the park.

I feel:

  1. Sunshine warming and burning my skin in early February.
  2. Stuffiness of a hotel room with no windows.
  3. Strong support and tolerance from team members and team leader.

Message of the Day: Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me.

Entry submitted by: Eunice


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