Our first day of classes. We set out in 2 teams with excitement and trepidation. Steven had given us a description of the schools and number of students  to expect, but we did not know what level of English we would find in our students. We had prepared as much as we could on Sunday […]

Message For the Day: Children, Paper Chains, and Being Truly Grateful Being a team of one has its disadvantages, like not having the time to blog everyday. I’ll do my best to get as much in here as I can in the time that I have. My mornings at the hospital have been very rewarding […]

Message of the Day: “I learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou Our message of the day inspires and reminds us as to why we are here, a written reminder we can read/share with friends this […]

Message For the Day: Autism and Music Rules Rani left us well sated yet again as Kathi and I left for what promised to be another rewarding day at St. Thomas. Karen and Sheeba were off to get Stela Mary a much needed eye exam. I was especially excited about the morning because while shopping […]

Message of the Day: The Arts Are For Everyone! February 20 dawned bright and relatively clear over the Global Volunteer Guest House. The early morning started out with a much needed hair washing in the bathroom bucket and then Karen and I commiserating over either the preferred morning tea or coffee. After my FAVORITE noodle […]

  Today was the last day for “TEAM EARTHBOX” to give service in Anse la Raye. We have been fortunate to be lead by Marie-Louise Reid,  a community member absolutely passionate and very knowledgeable about agriculture in St Lucia. The team started debriefing and discussing about the work that had been covered over the week and […]

Today was an extremely hot day out! Team Earth Box set out to replant the Earth Boxes that had been left at the two Early Childhood Centre’s in Anse La Raye. At the Kid’s Step Preschool there was a buzz of activity with kids singing, teachers instructing and privileged Global Volunteers assisting with the children […]

We would like to introduce volunteers to our new organization, Blind-Link, and the Omamori Spa, a place for employment for visually impaired young Vietnamese adults.  We have finalized an important partnership between Global Volunteers and Blind Link to benefit the poorest and most vulnerable adults in Hanoi. Blind-Link has been a dream for many years.  […]

We woke up and had breakfast in the hotel. Then we walked to the Colegio. We walked to the principal’s office where we were greeted by Karen. She took us around to each classroom and answered all of our questions. After we saw the classrooms, we moved on to the farm. We saw the dairy […]

¡Buenas noches! Today was our first full day in Monteverde, and, as expected, it has been an adventure. I mean, when you wake up at six in the morning and the sun is out in full force, you know the day is at least going to be interesting. Today was our first arrival at Colegio and […]