Fountain Hills High School students in Costa Rica – Hailey, Leah, and Harley – report discoveries on their Global Volunteers team.   Today was a long and rewarding day. Magic happened around every turn. The ‘rock mountain’ at the base of our trail-building project was successfully moved by volunteers and students of Colegio one grain bag […]

You may never again feel so appreciated after volunteering with the infants and toddlers in the children’s ward of Municipal Hospital in Barlad. The children with sight or hearing impairments or mental disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome and PKU crave your personal attention and care. Read below for an inspirational story told through the […]

Team Journal Entry from January 7, 2015: Back to India, back to feeling at home and at peace. I worship every moment spent with the children and was rejuvenated again this morning at Little Angel’s Early Intervention Center. Luckily, most of the children’s ears are clean so I only had to clean three children;s, and […]

Team Journal Entry for January 6, 2015: Yesterday Maria went to the hospital to help clean more children’s ears. Jayne, Victor, and Alex went to PRS to teach conversational English for the second day. After watching Steven and Ester’s fierce conversation, all three of them went to the 6th, 7th, and 8th standard classes. In […]

Team Journal Entry from January 2, 2015: A lot was riding on this trip to Chennai. Would I feel healthy enough to do it? Would I get sick here? Would I enjoy it as much or more than my first visit in 2012? I needn’t have worried. What a fantastic journey it’s been. For our […]

Message of the Day – To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.- Buddha I am very excited to begin today, since it is my first day teaching health education classes in the schools.  It seems an appropriate time to […]

Today was one of the most rewarding days on this program. It started in the Assi Illam center, an orphanage that is converted into a day care in the morning to provide an income for the orphanage. When we arrived in the morning the children (all between the ages of 2-4) were excitedly running around […]

Since it was a public Holiday and all the children were away, Stephen arranged for us to help him and his wife sheeba to cover the Earth box , and clean the library in Seams Children Center. We spent the whole morning there and we finished covering and watering the plants and cleaned and organised half […]

Team 227 woke up to a rainy morning on Friday, the final day of service for the California Contingent. Watching our Team Members sit down to enjoy our first bite of breakfast at 7:00 a.m. sharp was a thing of beauty, though young Master Haiden was delayed by the onset of a cold and the […]

It feels like we’ve been in Costa Rica waiting patiently for this day: our day to start serving, to begin connecting, to meet those who we’ve only yet envisioned in our minds. So after our Team #227 had breakfast and a quick team meeting, we headed down the roadside with smiles on our faces and […]