Working together, we change the world.

Nowhere else can you be more effective!  Teach English to Chinese students, and help Chinese English teachers improve their skills.  Contribute to the common good that secures world peace. Doubt it? Consider this: We know direct people-to-people initiatives bring lasting change. Governments and businesses can’t do that.  But you can.

Powerful people-to-people relationships change the global agenda –  sometimes,  in just two weeks.  In business and trade, environment, human rights, science, technology – English unites the world.  You help make that happen.  No matter if you’re a professional educator – teachers and students need your skills and energy.

Join us!  Gain first-hand understanding of this enormous and important country – home of one-sixth of the world population.  Our promise:  You’ll help Chinese students understand the American spirit through our service. What better way to strengthen US-China relations than on a Global Volunteers service program?   Demonstrate the best of American compassion, acceptance and ingenuity. And,  leave your mark on history.

Our China Service Program provides:

  • The opportunity to use your English language skills to help Chinese students speak English
  • A deep Chinese cultural and educational immersion
  • Friendships with Chinese students and teachers
  • A genuine perspective of both traditional and modern China
  • A chance to help shape how future leaders perceive the U.S.
  • Time to visit remarkable landmark historical sights

“What we actually are doing is establishing contact at a very basic, person-to-person level. English language is only the vehicle for this. It is a micro-step in the bridge-building process between the United States and China. And it feels, from here, like a step in the right direction.”

~ Les Rosen, China Global Volunteer

We started our China partnership in 1996. Since then, nearly 2, 000 volunteers have served in Shaanxi and Yunnan provinces sharing their English skills. At the same time, they’ve helped strengthen the trust and understanding between our countries. Now, it’s your turn!

The service program fee is tax-deductible for US taxpayers, and covers three healthy meals each day, safe and comfortable lodging and transportation, emergency medical evacuation insurance, an experienced and talented Global Volunteers team leader, and all required project materials.  Why wait?  Join us now when you can make the greatest impact!  Call for details:  800-487-1074.

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