William Comforting a pre-schoolerToday is the last day of teaching kids at the Anse la Raye Primary School. It makes me sad to think about leaving them. They all showed so much perseverance and everyday brought a smile to my face and the other volunteers. If I learned one thing, it’s that no matter where you started, you can get anywhere with hard work. This really showed in one boy, who just two years ago couldn’t read a word, but can now. It truly is amazing.


From the hugs I got from Norbert to the hand-written love letter from Eithan, I knew that I was welcomed and had made some friends. I grew much closer than expected to the kids. The people here are just overall nicer and more outgoing than the people in Minnesota. Instead of being greeted with a simple hello and hand shStudents teaching studentsake, I am greeted with a warm smile and hug.

We gave the kids our addresses and encouraged them to write to us. One girl referred to me and another volunteer as her “big sisters.” At the end of the day, the kids gave me a hug so tight I thought they were never letting go.

Overall, I learned many lessons about small acts of kindness and hard work, and I hope to stay in touch with the amazing people we met.

Kim cares for a preschooler






by Elise Oxford

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