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The 10 Finger Print Impressions of St. Thomas on the Rock.

The 10 Finger Print Impressions of St. Thomas on the Rock.

In the photo are the impressions of the 10 fingerprints of St. Thomas, who is also called the Doubting Thomas. St. Thomas who did not believe that Jesus was risen unless he touches the wounds of Jesus to see for himself, that Jesus has truly risen. When Jesus again appeared to all his disciples, he calls St. Thomas to put his hands on his wounds and see for himself that He (Jesus) has truly risen from the dead. St. Thomas touches the wounds of Jesus Christ and only then he believes that it is truly Jesus Christ who has risen from the dead.

These finger prints impressions are found in a small cave at Little Mount Church, Saidapet, Chennai. Where St. Thomas lived for approximately 2 years before his death in the year 72 AD. Along with the fingerprint of St. Thomas we can also see his foot print, A Bleeding Cross carved out of his very own hands and a miraculous spring which gushed forth water out of the rock after St. Thomas struck the rock with his staff and this spring has never gone dry ever since.

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