Busy day today at St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital. Today was the first day that I saw the importance of multitasking with the children. Bouncing Livinia, reading to Alina, and tickling Lucia all at the same time and it worked well!

Today Mitchell discovered what makes Luca laugh! Luca loves having the big animal ball bounced on his head. It was nice to see little Luca smile and laugh as much as he did.

Luca also did really well with walking! Auntie Evan was trying to loosen Luca’s grip on her finger while walking him up and down the hall and hopefully soon he won’t need to hold on anymore.

Iunits also did lots of walking. He made a lot of friends at the end of the hall, in particularly an older woman in one of the last rooms. I wasn’t able to understand her, but whatever she was saying, Inuts was just loving it. He did multiple trips up and down the hall and on one of his last trips he plopped down half way back. I took the hint that he was done walking when I tried to encourage him to stand back up and he looked at me like I was nuts.

We are brain storming some ideas of games for little Miss Georgiana because we see she gets a little bored with us due to the fact we can’t communicate with her. Mitchell does a great job of actively listening but Georgiana catches on to his game when he responds in “da” at the end. Most of the day she spends her time with the nurses and the younger girls down the hall. It seems to work for her, but we miss her sass when she leaves us. It can be pretty cute when it’s not used against us.

Dalhia love love LOVES doing the “no pants dance” as I like to call it. But really we just remove her little sockies and pants. She is much happier when she can explore using her limbs without the hassle of the extra long pants. She was being our little DJ today pressing buttons with her foot on the Yo Gabba Gabba music box. Once the “YO gabba gabba” song got a little old, we turned on some Beatles. I think we decided The Beatles are a good alternative to “Yo Gabba Gabba”. Alina and I were conducting to the song “Hey Jude.”

Corra and Livinia got to spend some special time together working on Livinia’s leg and head strength. And when Livinia did her tummy time later in the day, she was almost doing the yoga pose “Cobra”, lifting her head and chest off the floor. That little one sure loves to wiggle on the purple rug!

Utilizing the room with the purple rug is great. It seems that there is more room for everyone to kind of do their own thing. Luca and Iunits can rock on the pink tee-ter-tater, Lucia can explore the toys and the rocking horse, Livinia can do her wiggle dance, Daliha can also do her wiggling about, and Alina has plenty of room to play with my hair, which by the way always looks “frumoasa”, and then of course Miss Georgiana blesses us with conversation every once in a while.

Entry submitted by: Shannon Kindorf

Message of the Day: 

“Do all the good you can.  

By all the means you can.

In all the ways you can.  

In all the places you can.

At all the times you can.

To all the people you can.

As long as you can.”

                   – John Wesley


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