Omamori Spa Flyer (2)We would like to introduce volunteers to our new organization, Blind-Link, and the Omamori Spa, a place for employment for visually impaired young Vietnamese adults.  We have finalized an important partnership between Global Volunteers and Blind Link to benefit the poorest and most vulnerable adults in Hanoi.

Blind-Link has been a dream for many years.  In Vietnam, handicapped persons have few resources.  Those who are blind are often exploited in the massage industry because they have very limited opportunities to earn a career and live independently.  We have started Blind Link as a non-profit organization to provide employment, support and training for visually impaired individuals.  Our vision is to enable people with all forms of blindness to participate fully in society, and to realize their full human potential.

Through the Omamori Spa chain, we can provide safe and supportive employment for Blind-Link clients, and thereby assist them in their growth toward complete independence.  The Omamori Spa is a well-respected and recognized facility with a full range of services for clients.  Massage has been the best form of employment for blind adults in Vietnam and throughout East Asia for hundreds of years because these individuals have virtually no resources through the government or other organizations.  This has been a risky occupation for blind individuals, however, because of the poor reputation of the unregulated parts of the industry in Vietnam.  Low wages and poor working conditions have discouraged many blind adults from careers as massage therapists.

Blind-Link mini-chain spas provide safe, comfortable and reputable employment for trained individuals, and a welcoming and affordable spa experience for clients.

Global Volunteers has become a part of this process at the most formative and useful time.  We are very grateful to all the volunteers who plan to help us establish this new opportunity in 2013 and 2014.

-The Blind-Link and Omamori Spa management and staff

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