Finally, the long awaited rains have come, Portugal is grateful for them!  As Kei puts it, “Gold from the sky!”
Bobbie, Diane and Paul met for their last classes today.  As expected, leaving was not easy.  They are very fortunate students to have had such perceptive and innovative teachers.  It was a very good match, as the teachers were rewarded with wonderful feedback and rewarding results.  Electronics will be soothing the pangs of parting; how different from the era of the love letters from Portugal.
Joe and Mary were, also, rewarded for sharing their expertise and faceted experiences with a variety of students – varying in age and levels of education.  They spoke often of the pessimism of their older students in not having rewarding careers and dim futures.  Yet there were some upbeat moments and classes.
Reba brought out the inner person in a number of young students by using her experience in teaching.  She appears to have opened them more to their potential by personal contact – all three quite young.
Arleen has certainly learned much from Joaquin – his being so open to learning pronunciation – so difficult for the Portuguese.  Just conversing and slowly correcting small pronunciations and tenses.
A quick note of appreciation to our indefatigable team leader for all the work he has done and experience he has shared with us.
Do not be sad that it is over.  Be happy that it happened.
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