Exploring Indian Markets

Team Journal by Fran for Thursday, 28th July 2016: Exploring Indian Markets.

My day in Chennai began earlier than usual. I left the guest house around 6:30 this morning to go to the market. It is important to arrive early at Indian markets for several reasons: The morning is cooler and many people arrive early to purchase flowers, vegetables, fruit and green herbs to deliver, to sell during the day or to use for themselves. I understood that importance when we arrived at the very large market. The place was crowded with venders and those buying and delivering goods. They were making the purchases and loading them unto trucks, bikes and cars. Or they might simply carry large quantities on their heads and in their hands.

Our first bit of exploring took place in the section where they were selling flowers. I have never seen so many venders in one place; kiosk after kiosk after kiosk in intersecting aisles were filled with colorful flowers. Although the flowers were an array of loveliness, I found the people most interesting and enjoyed taking photos of them. Many were more than pleased to have me take their picture with their wares.

Exploring Indian Markets

We left the section for flowers and entered the section of fruit venders. Again there were kiosks after kiosks with such a variety of fruit. The fruit venders were also pleased to have their photos taken. The vegetable market was the most interesting to me. I do love vegetables and there was an awesome variety. We certainly walked a distance through each of the separate sections of the market.

Exploring Indian Markets

We returned back to the guest house for breakfast and soon left for Assisi. Since today is a holiday, the day care is not operating, but the older children are still there. I spent my time listening to children read and then children gathered around to take turns putting the puzzles together on my IPad. The time passed so quickly that I was surprised when Stephen said it was time to go. Yet, there was one additional experience. I met Father Patrick and Father Christiraj who arrived about the time we planned to depart. It was nice getting acquainted with the two priests. We talked about our names, Patrick and Frances/ Francis.

I really rested after lunch and prepared for the late afternoon and evening meeting with more students. I learned that Maheswari would not be coming since her interview was successful enough that she had an additional one during the late afternoon. I look forward to seeing her tomorrow to learn about the interview. Instead I helped Augustin with math problems. We practiced subtraction, multiplication, and division. Then Nishanth and I worked together for 1 1/2 hours reviewing the vocabulary, practicing exercises related to grammar and speaking questions and answers with each other.

Message of the day: If we were to strip away the labels and beliefs human use to describe themselves, and simply focused on caring for one another with love, compassion and kindness, imagine how awesome the world would be. We are one.

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