Steve Wenzel has a huge heart for the disabled, and often orphaned, children who are hospitalized in Romania. There are no words to describe Steve, who has faithfully served these vulnerable Romanian children on 16 Global Volunteers service programs since 1999, and his mother, Lorraine, who has joined him on 5 of these programs. They just keep on coming back, and the children run into their arms. All the children need is loving arms to hold them, comfort them, play with them, help feed them, read to them, etc. That’s what Steve and Lorraine come to do.

ROM1209A1 Steve Wenzel with one of the babiesSteve writes:

I selected the Romania project in 1999 because it offered the opportunity to serve children who otherwise might not receive the care and attention to which they so need to develop. Since that first service program, I have been returning every year since because I have seen and experienced how the children love interacting with volunteers and, in turn, thrive in their development.

ROM1409A1 Stephen Wenzel walks with boy 1One of my quotes to live by is from Mother Teresa, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” The children love the attention of and care from all volunteers, male and female.

If you have open arms, they’ll run into them without being concerned about who you are. The children look for whoever is available, not necessarily for whoever is most capable.

The children crave the attention of all volunteers. It may be for some though that much of their time in the hospital and the placement center is spent with women caring for them.

Lorraine Wenzel Plaque Photo 5 SVPFor some, especially the older children, spending time with a man might be a different experience and one that will help in their development. The children love being in the care of anyone, female or male, so long as it’s someone giving them attention.

Steve and Lorraine, we think about all of the smiles and comfort you have brought to the faces and into the lives of these dear little ones through the years. Because of our Global Volunteers like you, these children are thriving and making progress. Thank you so much!


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