We are happy to share that a team filled to capacity is currently serving in Beja, Portugal! Based on the huge demand for volunteer opportunities in Portugal in recent months, our staff and volunteer team leader are investigating new community partnerships in order to offer greater service opportunities in the months and years to come.

Please read about our Portugal program below to see if this might be the right volunteer opportunity for you, and work project updates will surely be coming soon:

On the European continent’s Iberian Peninsula, overlooking the Atlantic, Portugal ascended to the status of World Power during the “Age of Discovery, ” only to lose most of its wealth through subsequent foreign attacks. Overcoming recession and political instability, the country emerged in 1140 as the first nation-state (independent kingdom) in Western Europe, and has remained unified in language and culture.

Today, Portugal is a European leader and founding member of NATO, OECD, and EFTA. As a Global Volunteer, you experience Portugal through her people as a teacher of youth and adults in Beja’s classrooms and municipal learning centers.

As in all of Europe, English is becoming an increasingly important tool in Portugal, and few opportunities exist for local people to learn from native English speakers in non-tourist areas of the country. You’ll work either in elementary and secondary schools, or with young adults in technical or trades schools. Each year, more and more classrooms are requesting volunteers as important student resources. This program has become an inspired people-to-people demonstration of international sharing and unity!

Please note, personal flexibility and good mobility is requisite in this location due to the conditions in some educational facilities.

We hope to hear from you soon!!

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