This morning I woke to another well made delicious breakfast and the coffee I am now extremely addicted to. After breakfast we went back down to the school to work. While the group was working on the trail again I was shadowing with a farmer named Rafael. He first showed me how to make cheese. It got kind of gross at times. First you let the milk sit and go solid, then you dump the milk that is still liquid out of the bin. That’s the hard part then comes the easy part, all you have to do is squeeze out the remaining liquid and pop it in the freezer. I think you all know what comes next, washing. We hosed the place down and dumped hot water on the floor. It kind of felt like the place was on fire with all the steam After that we put milk out for the cows and then gave them some corn meal. One of the cows kept stealing the others food. By then it was time for break so I went up to the library with everyone else to sit and talk.
After break it was back to work. This time we went up to the barn and fed the pigs, ducks, and ducklings. Then Rafael took out the ducklings, it was so cute to see them all in a little cluster. Probably one of the most fun things today was collecting the eggs from the chickens. As soon as we walked in they started screaming their heads off and they were happy about us taking their eggs. Rafael taught me how to get the chickens off their eggs, pick them up and put them some where else. After we cleaned the eggs and through the broken ones to the fish I went down to lunch. I had a heaping helping of exotic Costa Rican pizza, with some pork, and what I believe to have been mango juice.
After lunch I went back to the barn to find a pig had given birth!!!! It was the most amazing thing I ever saw! Five healthy piglets suckling, then all of a sudden two more came right out! But they didn’t stop there two more came out while we were gone. So after the commotion died down we went to clean up the fields and scoop up left overs from the cows. Boy, are they sloppy eaters! After that we went to hose down the pigs and the barn itself. Well after that, he had the school boys doing every thing and before I knew it they were trying to kill a duck ! After that unforgettable experience I watched them peal off the feathers and start to boil the duck. Thank god mom came and got me because I was about to puke. After a long hard day of work we went up in the forest to enjoy some time with the students. Well that was soon ruined by thunder and lighting. We came back to the hotel and relaxed for a few hours, then we had some dinner. The dinner consisted of delicious mashed black beans, tortilla chips, and rice. Well I guess you could say that today full of firsts! I am so lucky to have this chance to see all of these neat things.
Brandon, 12 years old
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