Thursday, February 24th

Thought of the day and Journal by Chris: “A forest of these trees is a spectacle too much for one man to see.” – David Douglas

Today we finally got to see the cloud forests! We started off the day graveling trails with the Colegio kids as well as a few European volunteers who worked at the reserve. We thought we’d just be carrying gravel down a hill and dumping it but we ended up needing to carry it about a half kilometer through the rain forest over hills and valleys, it was tough work.

After lunch we had a slight change of pace and took a guided trip into the cloud forest which was absolutely gorgeous. Once we’d seen a good amount of forests we went back to the high school where some students performed typical costa rica dances for us which were very cool!!

To finish off the day, Jorge and the kids took us out to pizza and the kids presented us with gifts and Jorge gave us all certificates of our work. It’s been a great time, and tomorrow we get to travel back!

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