Roger with his “admirers” at Hoan Kiem Lake park.

The Global Volunteers program was kicked off by a name game during breakfast in the hotel. I got to know all my team members:  Steve, John, Roger, Keith, Tom, Liz, Kay and Janice. To my surprise, some of them had served on over 10 Global Volunteers programs. Team Leader Pam is so experienced and efficient in organizing the opening meeting to let us understand the goals of the program and to elicit a list for “keeping the program effective”.

After we met Ms. Mai, a local teacher, we learned about our assignments and got a class schedule, which looks like we have pretty much to do in the coming 2 weeks. Roger and I were assigned to teach high school classes, which will employ Roger’s ideas and experience.

The fascinating street is always alluring. Facing the dense mass of motorbikes pushing through the street, I cowardly moved to nowhere, worried about how I can find the way back if I explored too far away. Luckily, I met Janice coming back from the adventure, and she kindly offered me companionship walking around the lake.

Hoan Kiem Lake is so beautiful, that all the wedding couples take photos all day long tirelessly. We met Keith on the way, and made plans to walk together every day in the following weeks.

– Rosy

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