Hot Chocolate During Christmas

 Daniel Salazar, Peru Country Manager, writes about the top three crazy things Peruvians do on Christmas. This is #1: Hot Chocolate During Christmas.

#1. Hot Chocolate During Christmas

Another Christmas tradition in Peru is drinking hot chocolate. Hot chocolate in Peru is made out of cacao melted with milk, and sometimes mixed with coffee and spices. Of course there is nothing weird about hot chocolate, and although it is grease, it can be considered a healthy drink. What is weird then about drinking hot chocolate?

For one, unlike other cultures, Peruvians only drink hot chocolate during the holiday season. That is, Peruvians won’t drink hot chocolate any other time of the year; if they did it would just be weird. Also, hot chocolate usually accompanies panettone, so during Christmas Peruvians must have both panettone and hot chocolate, or else it doesn’t feel like Christmas.

But by far the most bizarre thing about the hot chocolate tradition in Peru is precisely the time of the year when it takes place: IT’S SUMMER! Peruvians drink a super-hot drink full of calories in the middle of a sunny 80-85 degrees day. Though they might be sweating in the process, Peruvians love to drink up their hot chocolate in the middle of the summer, and they enjoy it very much.

Why would anyone do that?

Well, this traditions began in Cuzco, where it isn’t as hot during holiday season. Also, Peruvians probably got the idea from the U.S., where it would make total sense to have a hot drink during holiday season.

As a Peruvian myself, I cannot defend this tradition; it just makes no sense. But also as a Peruvian, I do it too. The great thing about this tradition though is that kids in Peru absolutely love to drink their hot chocolate with a piece of panettone. Volunteers and I have the chance to provide the children of PPA and Alto Progreso with this opportunity, which they otherwise wouldn’t have. I cannot guarantee that you will enjoy drinking hot chocolate in the middle of the summer, but I can guarantee that sharing a holiday meal with the kids at PPA or Alto Progreso will make for an unforgettable Christmas.

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Hot Chocolate During Christmas

Volunteers doing a Christmas show for children at Alto Progreso

Hot Chocolate During Christmas

Volunteer celebrating Christmas with children at PPA, the largest children home in Lima.

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