I have been asked why I like to lead Global Volunteer teams to Queretaro. It is a very easy question for me to answer. I would like to borrow from Elizabeth Barrett Browning in her “Sonnets from the Portuguese” where she writes “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” I shall take the liberty of asking “How do I love Queretaro…let ME count the ways.” SO…let me begin…..!!!! I love UTEQ….our hosts that make us feel welcome….and make it easy for me to provide our volunteers with the best experience possible in working with the teachers and the students. I love the campus we walk through with the interesting landscape and varieties of cactus. I love the students who eagerly wait to meet the new volunteers….to practice their English and make new friends. I love to see the informal “teaching/sharing/chatting” that goes on between a “gaggle” of students and volunteers as they sit at picnic tables near the cafeteria. I love hearing the laughter that goes on during these chats….the demonstrations of dancing by the students….and sometimes the volunteers….all done with fun and good humor.

I love the wonderful Hotel Hidalgo our team stays at in the historic area of Queretaro. I love the staff at the hotel that answers questions and takes such good care of us. I love the restaurants we enjoy our meals at….the amazing variety of Mexican foods. I love to walk one block from our hotel to the main jardin in town where there is constant activity. One has their choice of getting their shoes shined…buy a colorful balloon….arrange for a trolley tour of the historic quarter…..listen to music in the bandstand….take tango lessons….or just sit and watch the multi-generational families enjoying themselves. I love the museums that share art and the culture of Mexico. I love the sound of the many churches and cathedrals. I love the grace and kindness of the people in this wonderful community.

I love the grace and friendliness of the people in the community that we meet and talk with…who guide us when we are lost….or point out where the best place is to get ice cream or buy the special thing we are looking for. I love the sounds and the smells and grace of this community. SO simply said …. “I love Queretaro.”

Written by Pam

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