“I am humbled by these all too brief, two weeks in Cuba, ” said Seija Webb – long-time Global Volunteer. “There may be economic hardships here, but there is also much generosity, love, kindness, goodness, and oh yes, unbridled happiness!”

CUB1505A1 Seija Webb 1 assists local farmer at community garden

Webb assisting a local farmer at the community garden

Significantly more meaningful than a standard tour, the service program through Global Volunteers enabled Webb to connect to the local people on a deeper level. “Walking the streets of Ciego de Avila certainly gives a brief glimpse into the life and culture of a small town in central Cuba. However, it has been in the volunteer work that we have really come to know and, to some degree, understand the Cuban soul, ” Webb explains. Sewing with senior women, gardening beside local farmers, and teaching conversational English classes to young adults is how Webb spent her time in Cuba. She greatly valued this opportunity to connect daily with the local people of Ciego de Avila. “It is a reminder for those of us living in the zeal of a capitalistic world that happiness does not lie in things but inside us, in what we give and share willingly of ourselves.”

“Cuba’s history is rich and long, hundreds of years in the making… a country of such beautiful and vibrant people. Yes, Cuba fascinates and has not seen the last of me… I shall return!” Webb exclaimed.

We’re looking forward to seeing you again in Cuba, Seija!

CUB1505A1 Seija Webb hugging woman in church sewing group with Andrew Salmon sewing

Webb hugging a member of the church sewing group

Click here to read more about Webb’s Cuba experience on her personal blog.

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