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In the summer, Kunming University runs a 2- to 3- week “staff development” English program for an intact group of Chinese English teachers from elementary, middle and high schools in the area. Global Volunteers is invited to assist every year with the program. Volunteers lead Chinese English teachers in conversations to help improve their English pronunciation and skills – as well as teach new English language games and activities to apply in their own classrooms.

We asked five of the Chinese English teachers, “How were you impacted by your experience with Global Volunteers in China?”

Here’s what they said.

Yin Qiong

“I benefited a lot from the two weeks of training. Although it was a short time, the content of the training helped me greatly with my teaching skill. I have a deeper and more thorough understanding of designing teaching activities. I learned many games that can help with English-learning. This made our study no longer boring. I have become to love learning.”

Volunteers in China - Playing Games

Yang Liqin

“I really felt my improvement through this training. Not only did I enriched my teaching methods and improved my spoken English, but also broadened my horizons and learned a lot about American culture from this program. I could always gain something out of each class and would get touched by every conversation we had. Many of us awaited each class with eagerness. The rich and fun class activities such as PowerPoint presentations, games and small-group learning, brought us surprises each time. Those of us who rarely spoke English in the past could carry conversations with the volunteer teachers freely (at the end of the program).”

Zhou Qionglan

“Looking back to the two weeks with Global Volunteers, I find it difficult to calm down. I have kept learning and being touched. My English listening and speaking skills have been greatly improved; my scope of knowledge has been expanded. The volunteers used various and fun teaching methods that achieved multiple effect. They were always well prepared before the class, utilized every minutes in the class and were very efficient in teaching. The short two weeks have renewed our teaching concept, provided me a genuine understanding of English language and experienced American people’s daily life. I have a clearer idea towards the core of English teaching.”

Tian Xiuhua

“I felt lucky to have such valuable opportunity to improve myself. I benefited so much in the short time of two weeks with Global Volunteers. I loved the program and hope I have more such opportunities in the future.”

Global Volunteers in China

Wang Xiaomei

“My English knowledge and skills improved greatly. I will also use the teaching activities I learned from the program in my own teaching to make English-learning pleasant and fun for my students.”

Learn about volunteering with Kunming teachers with Global Volunteers in China.

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