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As a Montana volunteer, you serve and experience life on an American Indian reservation – the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Jimmy describes the projects he worked on as well as reflects on the journey he took while making the decision on whether or not to serve. With meaningful friendships and breathtaking views, it’s easy to see why this was an experience that Jimmy will never forget…

I worked in a variety of locations and on many different projects when I was in Montana. On Monday, I helped Tom Crawford take down some tipis as well as pick peppermint for a ceremonial sweat lodge. I really enjoyed my time with Tom. He offer a lot of insight on the Blackfeet culture.

Montana Volunteer Tipi View

Work project: Taking down a tipi at Tom Crawford’s

I also spent time assisting in the construction of a wooden horse corral at Pastor Hill’s ranch. That was a fun project that a lot of volunteers were passionate about. I unloaded a 48 ft 18-wheeler full of donations! It was an exhausting day, but the people I worked with were hilarious and kept us laughing. It made the day go by fast. On one of the other days, I spoke with elders at the care center in Browning. It took awhile for some to open up, but once they felt comfortable, they were talkative. Overall, I had a great experience!

Jimmy’s decision to become a Montana volunteer…

It’s something I would definitely do again. By far, it is one of the best decisions I’ve made. The community was grateful for our servitude, and it felt good whenever I received their gratitude. I was honestly a bit nervous to make the decision to serve, but Julie (one of Global Volunteers’ Volunteer Coordinators) continued contacting me to see if I wanted more information or kindly reminding me the deadlines for the volunteer dates. A gentle push I needed to finally say yes. That was a decision I’ll never regret and a journey I’ll never forget.

Jimmy’s photos from Montana:

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