Volunteer on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation with Global Volunteers

Journal from Jed, a volunteer on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation:

There is a fire that burns on the Blackfeet Reservation. It has been burning for over a century. You can feel its heat, you can smell its smoke, and yes, like most North Americans, you can do nothing about it. Or, if you can find the kindness in your heart and the will in your spirit, you can take action.

Over the past week, this is exactly what we have done. Whether it was “mucking out” a stable, preparing or delivering a meal, resurrecting a tipi, or caring for someone in need, what we have done this week is taken action.

Volunteer on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation - Build Tipis

Jed (on the right) working with his teammates and local people to build a tipi

But it doesn’t end there. Along the way, we laughed and we cried. We made firsts and helped ourselves to seconds. We were inspired, we were disheartened. We sweat under the sun and we sweat in total darkness. But most of all, we built friendships, not only with the Blackfeet, but with each other.

Volunteer on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation - Visit Glacier

Jed and teammates learning about Glacier from Joe Jessepe

While the smoke still smolders on the Blackfeet Reservation, we know, at least for this week, this place is a little safer, a little more proud, a little more Blackfeet.

More from the Blackfeet Reservation:

If you’re open-minded, service-oriented and light-hearted, we’ve got a place for you – and your friends, family, and colleagues. Visit our Montana volunteer page to learn about how to volunteer on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana.

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