An Afternoon Tutoring Session With Jan
Friday, September 21, 2012
We are at the end of our first week and everyone seems to be well  satisfied with their classroom experiences so far. It is refreshing to note that there are no security guards at the school doors and no metal detectors.  Students stand when  teachers enter the room and  greet them with respect.  The family is extremely important to these children. For il pranzo (lunch) extended families gather at home around their tables for the biggest meal of the day. Grandparents are important in the lives of Italian children.

It should be noted that our Team Leader is taking very good care of  us. She is conscientious, and concerned for all aspects of our time spent in the classroom, as well as, on our own. She has been selecting  a variety of Monopolian restaurants for our lunch. We are well fed!

Written by Ed
An Outdoor Session – Warm Day                                                              Students Are A Pleasure!
Thought For The Day Shared By Kathy…


                                                                “Questo istante e’il solo tempo che c’e’”
                                                             "This moment is the only time that there is!"





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