We started after breakfast with Ken reading the team journal and Steve’s thought for the day “You never stand so tall as when you stoop to help a child.”  We all regretted the departure of Colleen but subsequent messages throughout the day revealed that she safely arrived home in Omaha after a flight delay in Dallas.  It was off to the hospital and our customers, those marvelous children.  I continue to learn life lessons from them; their nobility through their suffering; their ability to be present in the moment, and the grace they exhibit through their infirmity.  Our day received a jolt from the application of hospital disinfectant, which eradicated naps, but many made it outside in the sunshine.
Our evening was capped with postage stamps, a little wine, a little beer and a lot of carbonated fruit juice.  Problems solved or issues identified included, Mayo Clinic art, Great Lakes water, Dale Chauli exhibits, pythons, and Texas mineral rights, a truly wide ranging discussion.
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