A sunny”home” for an RCP mom’s Earth Box.
Volunteers gathering for breakfast; thought of the day; the journal reading; loading in the bus; off to our projects – it has been a long time for me since my last Global Volunteers program,  but I feel at home again. 

Meeting the staff at the RCP; walking through the village; smiles & greetings from villagers I have never met before; meeting young fathers & mothers in their home; playing & singing with their children; helping where I can; holding a baby as a tourist bus drives by knowing how lucky I am to be welcomed into this community & the lives of the people of St. Lucia while they just peer through the glass window never knowing how special the St. Lucians truly are – I am blessed. 


Returning to the hotel, meeting with the Global Volunteers staff – my fellow staff – from China, from India, from Peru, from Poland, from Tanzania, from the US – that alone makes me smile! We talk about ways Global Volunteers can help improve the quality of the life of a child – such important work, I feel priviledged to be part of such a group.


Joining the cirlce of volunteers, feeling their excitment about the work they are doing, listening to their stories, hearing about their challenges, their successes, sharing their passion to make a difference – I am moved by their spirit.


Meeting the team for dinner; breathtaking views, delicious food, wonderful conversation, looking at the million dollar boats, thinking after today I am truly richer then they are – this is what I am supposed to do, this is where I am meant to be, I am home again.
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