I’m off to meet matron by 7:30 to attend students before classes. It is Friday but no body seems particularly enthused the weekend is here. We had a lot of students with colds and stomach pain, a cough who were referred the teachers (a) morning break and it was great to see them and address hearth concerns. I assisted Wingled with a class on nutrition and then accepted a side home from Mjuni on his motor cycle it had been raining all morning and ground was muddy. Heather Muhamed and Edward had just started lunch, heather had taught standard five and six loves working with the children.


We were excused from afternoon lessons for our weekend journey to safari (a) Ruaha national park, we met Paris our drivers after lunch and headed out to Iringa and then hilltop lodge just 18km outside of Ruaha the lodge was very welcoming with tama ran juice and worm most towels to refresh us on arrival from the dust ride. Our rooms were located in bungalows on the hilltop with a beautiful view and deck for lodging. We were delighted to have our own bath rooms with mizungu toilets and warm showers. They also have solar powered lights from 7pm-10pm this is slow season for the lodge and there were only three other groups there we loved the safari the following day heading out (a) 8am breakfast and returning about six we sported several lions and their cubs elephants, zebra, giraffes and lots of  impalas they were all beautiful we also saw many birds, a snake, warthog, mongoose, hyrax, a lizard, foxes, kudos, jukes and hippopotamus our driver Titus was phenomenal a sporting the animals but despite his efforts the leopards and cheetahs remained hidden it was awesome to watch on lion feeding on giraffe carcass that had been killed a few days before by a group of a lions.


On Sunday we were allowed a more relaxed morning gating breakfast (a) we enjoyed lodging and listening to the animal chorus surrounding us.


Paris drove us home safely by way of Iringa town where we met Edward and go to use the Neema cafe bathroom despite the shop being closed what a relief



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