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We started our day in grand fashion with a walking tour of Monopoli provided by one of Rita’s class of students. At each important site or landmark one of the students recited an historical explanation they had prepared. It was adorable. They are very proud of their town and of being from Puglia. They want to show us everything beautiful this area has to offer. Hopefully we will get an opportunity to visit the caves of Castellana with them.


EVERYONE HAD A GREAT TIME                             WHAT A GRAND START!

The tour was a great start to the program and a great way to break the ice with the students. It also presented an excellent opportunity to converse in English – that’s why we’re here! After the tour we walked to the high school and some of us spent the next hour in a class room or in smaller groups of students. Most of the students are studying for important English exams in a couple of weeks so it seems helping them prepare will be a focus for us. But today was more of an easy day getting to know some of the students and having fun with English conversation. We finished our day at dinner welcoming our 8th team member, Florence, into our group. Now our team is complete and ready to roll.    Penned by KK

“I don’t see the point in measuring life in terms of time anymore. I’d rather measure life in terms of making a difference.”   Stephen Sutton

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