IMG_7589Signs of spring abound in Monopoli.  Whether it be the children, flowers, or just the happy smiling faces, one is certain it is a grand time to be in Monopoli- dubbed the ‘only city. IMG_7579

From the children playing with hula hoops to the flower baskets and beautiful rose bushes, on is certain that there is a fresh scent in the air and the spring winds precede the upcoming summer breezes.

IMG_7580Global Volunteers, all hailing from the United States, arrive today to begin a two week English tutoring program.  In the morning, time is spent with teachers and students at a local high school.  Then, after lunch and a brief rest, ‘i volontari’ spend time practicing conversational English with appreciative adults.

IMG_7598All in all it will be a gratifying experience for every one.

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