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Finally some cool weather!  Week two began today with rain and a cooling trend.  Could it be that fall has arrived in Monopoli?  All volunteers are in a routine and since the heat has finally abated, classes have moved back indoors.

Over the previous week each of us has settled into his or her own teaching method and style, some structured, some spontaneous, and all designed to encourage and support the students in their quest to speak English.IMG_2470

After we enjoyed a delicious pizza lunch at Porto Roso overlooking crashing surf stirred up by last night’s intensive storms, we retired to the Hotel Vecchio Mulino. Late in the day some of us worked at the hotel with adults including Marco, a renowned classical guitarist and long-term beneficiary of Global Volunteers English lessons. Marco is practicing English for an upcoming trip to California to judge a music competition.

Some returned to San Francesca da Paola Church, to once again interact with highly-motivated adults who are counting on us to help them improve their language skills. It is a responsibility and a joy to work with both fresh young students and the more intent adults.

It is hard to believe that barely more than a week ago we met each other for the first time. Now, just ten days later, we have coalesced into a unit with a purpose. We share ideas; we fill in for each other in classes; we encourage; we support;  and, we drink wine and laugh together.  Who could ask for anything more!

Penned by Carol

Thought for the Day…….

  “Teamwork divides the task and multiples the success!”  Anonymous

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