Most Underrated City

 Peru Country Manager Daniel Salazar talks about a recent BBC article that highlights Lima as the most underrated city in South America. 

If you question American news, you might conclude the BBC News is pretty reliable. So if their travel experts recommend to visit Lima, there must be a reason for it. In my opinion, there are many.  The network recently featured Lima in their travel section as “South America’s Most Underrated City?, ” outlining the many features that make Lima such an awesome city to visit. In this case, as we have in many blog-posts talked about the wonders of Peru and Lima, the British News Broadcaster just gives our claims more Ethos.  For instance, consider the story’s headline:

It has more restaurants listed in the San Pellegrino World 50 list than any city. . .  – and that includes Paris, London, and New York.

And a quote in the article reads:

“You simply won’t eat better seafood anywhere.”

You heard that first at Global Volunteer’s Blog site thank you very much. But it’s true! We LITERALLY have the best restaurants in the world, and the food is amazing pretty much everywhere in Lima. When you come to a Peru service program, you have the chance to go the world’s best restaurants as well as to eat from the cooking of the people in our partner communities. (Some volunteers have said that the latter was even better than the former, but that’s for you to decide!)

Most Underrated City

Peruvian lamb dish at one of the top ten restaurants in the world in Lima.

Most Underrated City

Peruvian “Causa” at one of the top ten restaurants in the world in Lima.

The article also highlights Lima’s affordability,  destinations close to Lima, and districts inside Lima like Miraflores (most touristic district in Lima), Barranco (a bohemian district volunteers love to visit), and La Molina (where we actually have a wonderful project teaching English to low-income college students and faculty).

For the full article visit:

For amazing food, many tourism opportunities and the chance to serve and learn from struggling communities: sign up for a service program in Lima!

Most Underrated City

Downtown Lima features gorgeous architecture.

Most Underrated City

Barranco: the bohemian district of Lima.

Most Underrated City

Lima also features great shopping malls like Larcomar, built into the cliffs overlooking the ocean in Miraflores.

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